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Welcome to the website of the Chair for Behavioral and Experimental Economics!


In the context of behavioral and experimental economics the staff members of the chair conducts research on the behavior of individuals in auctions, on collective decision-making, on the design of contracts in principal-agent relationships, or on situations in which one can choose between cooperation and conflict.

Based on theoretical predictions, the staff members of the chair often use economic experiments that allow analyzing behavior in a controlled manner. Many of these experiments are conducted in the Munich experimental lab MELESSA, some however also in other labs or in the field. With appropriate incentives experiments in economics permit concluding causal relationships between exogenous variables and the behavior of experimental participants.

Several long-term research cooperations exist with researchers located, among others, at the following institutions: University of Innsbruck, Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna, University of Gothenburg, University of Amsterdam, and University of Arizona. Current projects in the context of these cooperations analyze, for instance, the optimal bonus schemes in firm-worker relations, the development of economic behavior among children, the evolution of institutions in social dilemmas, uncertainty and its effects on (financial) markets, or the aggregation of social preferences in groups with collective decision-making mechanisms.

In addition to research in behavioral and experimental economics, the staff members of the chair are also interested in the economics of sports and the evaluation of research output.